Top 6 Reasons To Start Your Own Beauty Business (2023)

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Top 6 Reasons For Starting A Beauty Business

Long gone are the days when starting your own business from home required every last bit of your energy and half of your life’s savings. Here is the thing; there are many reasons to start a beauty business online and 2022 is the quintessential time to do so.

By now you are probably already a bit intrigued by the idea of squeezing some part-time beauty courses in your tight schedule, but you aren’t exactly sure that these coveted beauty training courses will be right for you.

Maybe you’ve long been daydreaming of working within the beauty industry on your own schedule, and setting your own terms while also navigating your way through day-to-day tasks. That’s where self-paced online beauty courses really shine; especially if you’ve found yourself in a work rut and looking after the kids!

Why start a new beauty business in 2022?

Reason #1 The beauty industry stats are in your favour

Let’s start with the most obvious reason - the beauty industry is, well, absolutely booming. In 2021, the total revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market will reach $82,264 million. The best part? The beauty market is also expected to grow by 4.1% by 2025, reaching an overall revenue of $96,449 million. Doesn’t that mean that it’s an overpopulated industry? The answer is no. Absolutely everyone needs a bit of beauty in their day to day lives and most of us are our own personal beauticians.

A Harper’s BAZAAR poll of more than 1,000 women across all ages, races, and ethnicities, discovered more than 60% of women would be willing to spend on new brands and beauty services. Get this:

Gel manicures and eyelash extensions are two of the top beauty treatments requested by consumers. Did you know that “eyelash extensions at home service” has over 54,100,000 entries on Google? The same goes for hairstyling, cuts, and treatment, face treatments post-lockdown as well as nail care. That doesn’t even scratch the surface. 

That’s exactly why our beauty courses online are focused on helping you build an at-home business that’s not only self-fulfilling but also profitable in the long run.  

Reason #2 When you start your own beauty business each day in your beauty studio is a thrill

There is something utterly exciting about knowing that you are spending your time working towards your own goals rather than making someone else’s dreams happen. It can be tough to find the motivation to do the best possible work when you aren’t directly reaping the benefits; at the end of the day, someone else will get the rewards.

When you are the boss of yourself, on the other hand, super-charges you with some much-needed motivation to wake up and work, work, work every day while controlling your own personal success. 

Reason #3 You will have a flexible schedule 

With part-time beauty courses and the exciting start of a new business, you will be able to achieve a way more flexible lifestyle. Now, does that mean that you will have the freedom to take a 5-months-long vacation with no internet connection? No, maintaining a profitable business needs a lot of care but you will definitely be free to work your own hours (even in the middle of the night), set up meetings and calls around your family schedule, and most importantly, no one will be looking over your shoulder.

There is something absolutely liberating about not having to report to a superior, knowing that you are doing it for yourself and your family.

Reason #4  Starting a service from home will help you spend quality time with your family & friends

When working from home, you can redirect your time and energy to your family and friends. Imagine being able to take your time in the morning and finally stop rushing things over.

You may even be able to take your kids to school, start a new self-care routine to uplift and motivate you or even go for a daily cup of coffee before your at-home work hours. By taking beauty therapy courses online and finally start a business, you can take time off in the afternoon too and simply make up for it during the evenings.  

Time + freedom = less money in childcare. Even if you aren’t a parent, at-home businesses are able to give back to you, your all important social life. 

Reason #5 Offering beauty services from home is a very profitable business

Even if you’ve already managed to balance your work life with your family and social life after years of trial, error, and frustration, there is one thing that tops all the reasons to start your own beauty business: unlimited earning potentials.

Financial freedom might be 2021’s buzzword, but when it comes to part-time beauty courses for new entrepreneurs who want to kick start their journey the possibilities are truly endless.

For some aspiring business owners, building a profitable beauty service business means becoming debt-free, while for others have set their minds to being rich enough to retire.

Self-paced beauty courses are a realistic way to start scratching things off your “financial freedom checklist” beginning with the most simple milestones (not living pay-cheque to pay-cheque and having enough money to quit your day job) and climb your way to the top. Pen down your goals - it’s time to get started. 

Reason #6 Personal fulfilment

There are only a handful of things that offers the kind of personal fulfilment that can be found in beauty training courses for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to own a business.

From the moment the client comes in, you will immediately realise that your abilities now serve a purpose; you are now one step closer to achieving your goals in life, setting an example, inspiring others, and building a future for yourself and your family. 

Online Beauty Therapy Courses

At Training Beauty & Beyond, we’ve made it our mission to help you start your own journey through beauty courses online that can be tailored to your own lifestyle. Self-paced beauty courses serve some much-needed flexibility because let’s be honest, the last thing you need right now is stress to complete the course, so take your time!

Head over to Training Beauty & Beyond course list to discover what makes our programs ideal for you. Remember, big businesses always start small!

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