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Eyelash Extension Course

‚ô¶ Bronze Package | Popular

Classic Eyelash Extension Course

The perfect place to start building your lash extension skills. These are the 'work horses' of the eyelash world! They give a natural but elegant look to the eye, which is why they are tremendously popular! 

You'll learn all there is to know about Classic lashes - from mapping and styling, to the correct application techniques including lash placement, removal and aftercare!

Eyelash Lift and Tint Course

♦ Silver Package | Elite

Russian Volume Eyelash Course

Take it to the next level and expand your client base by offering Russian Volume Extensions. Originating from Russian technicians, this method really has that "WOW' factor! Clients love options, therefore Russians offer a perfect solution for lash techs to show off their creative side.

You'll master ways in which we create our stunning fans to give the set a fluffy, thick and dark look.

Hair Extension Course

Ultimate Eyelash Extension Course

Are you looking to become the 'best' Eyelash Technician with clients just itching to see you again?

Our 4-in-1 Ultimate Lash Extension Course is the most comprehensive and in depth training on the market!

Top-level beauty experts have created a course that broadly teaches all extension types; Classic, Russian, Mega Volume & Hybrid.

Elevate your career, attract a diverse clientele, and become the go-to eyelash technician everyone is talking about.

Eyelash Lift & Tint Course

Eyelash Lift & Tint Course

‚ÄúThe¬†perfect alternative¬†to Eyelash Extensions and clients are obsessed!‚ÄĚ The lash lift and tint is an extremely effective treatment that‚Äôs taken the beauty industry by storm!

Our online Lash Lift & Tint Course teaches the required techniques and methods for that dark, elegant, natural, wide-eyed look.

Unlock the secrets to boosting lash volume and definition, drawing in a broader client base eager for this low-maintenance, stunning transformation.

Eyelash Extension & Lift and tint combo

COMBO Lash Package

Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? Imagine being able service all clients lash needs by offering; Classic, Russian, Mega-Volume, Hybrid + Lift & Tint lashes!

By packaging all the lash services together, you will receive a 'combo discount' along with 4 separate qualifications!

This package is not just a learning opportunity; it's an investment in your career, setting you apart as a versatile, highly skilled professional in the lash industry.



Eyelash Extension Course

Eyebrow Wax & Tint Course

Brow Artists are highly sought after beauty professionals and Eyebrow Waxing & Tinting is a considered one of the many foundations of a beauty business.

It's the perfect starting point for any brow artist, as well as being a popular addition for many experienced beauty pros!

Our Online Wax & Tint course teaches you the best techniques for ensuring a perfect result with even the most challenging brows!


Eyebrow Lamination Course

Brow lamination has revolutionised the brow industry, emerging as the latest trend in beauty, serving as an excellent alternative to micro-blading.

You'll learn the art of delivering flawless Brow Lamination, equipping you with the skills to transform and enhance your clients' brows effectively.

This course is a must-have for any beauty professional looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of eyebrow care.



Eyebrow 'Perfection' Course

The Brow 'Perfection' treatment is meticulously customised for each client, honouring our belief that eyebrows are as unique as fingerprints.

We'll guide you through a unique set of techniques to craft bespoke brows, tailored for each client and uncovering the secret of our exclusive brow design formula.

As brow perfectionists, we recognise the journey to perfect brows takes time. Dive into the most sought after brow treatment there is!


Brow Hybrid Course

Hybrid brows are an extremely effective alternative to the traditional 'wax & tint' and clients are obsessed! By tinting both the skin and hair, the illusion of depth and fullness is created.

This technique can be used in multiple ways to customise the look for each of your clients!

Join us in this course where we teach you everything there is to know about Hybrid Brows. Learn proven practical methods and techniques from industry leading experts.


Eyebrow Henna Course

Henna brows are taking the professional eyebrow shaping market by storm, celebrated for being a natural, safe, and longer-lasting alternative to traditional tinting.

This treatment not only tints the brow hair but also stains the skin underneath, creating a fuller, more defined look.

We dive deep in to the art of henna brows and teach all of the fundamental skills required to pull off a stunning henna look for your clients!


Brow Package

Can you imagine how full your diary would be if you offered 5 types of brow treatments?

By offering multiple eyebrow services you appeal to an extremely wide audience of clientele, which not only leaves them more satisfied, but also increases your earnings! Think about it... There's a reason salons offer multiple brow treatments.

In this 5-in-1 package combo you'll benefit from receiving 5 different brow qualifications whilst receiving a 'package discount' as well!